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Memorial for Tom in the SF Bay Area May 1st, plans and how to help

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If you can contribute money,  please donate via paypal via this button
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and designate if you prefer your donation to go towards defraying costs of the memorial events or towards Tom’s family.

There are three email addresses for all things related to remembering Tom and submitting stories, images and condolence notes, plus an email specially for helping with the celebrations of his life across the US.

Pat Kennedy, Tom’s mom, is collecting stories and pictures for a work of art she is making in Tom’s memory. If you have something you want to write, or have written,  or an image or a condolence note  you can email to help on this grand snapshot of the man, that so many have been enhanced by.

If you have anything else from ways you want to help and be part of  the upcoming celebrations in Oakland, Portland, Minneapolis, Houston, or New York ( or even elsewhere) email to

Volunteers are needed!  See details below.  Email to volunteer and/or if you would like to speak or perform at the Memorial service.

All announcements will be here on the website


Memorial for Tom in the SF Bay Area

the date: Friday May 1st, 6pm-4am
the first part of this event will be a memorial in Tom’s honor, with storytelling, a co-created altar, and more to be determined soon.

The evening will continue, as Tom would want, into a full blown celebration of his life, our life and our future.

the place: American Steel, in the secret warehouse: 1901 Poplar St, Oakland, CA
parking will be inside the main warehouse

Calling all Tom Kennedy art cars!
we are looking for any details about cars, running or not, created by  Tom Kennedy, whether they are able to attend the memorial, whether they need drivers

we need:

donations for gas
help to organize the event (any production manager types willing to volunteer)

If you can do any of this email

Donations can be made via  paypal
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
or donate at the event.

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