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What does one do with their art car once they have made it? Go on an adventure, of course! Join Tom on an early art car trip to the big apple, check out Burning Man, or better yet, learn about the Friend Patrol and their adventures.

Journeys to the Burning Man Festival

Everyone should attend this Labor Day gathering in the desert at least once. My first was in 1994, there were only 1500 people there back then (before they called us Burners), and the silver shark car was a big hit. The convention of the subcultures….a place to refill your creative reservoir. After about fourteen of them, I am hoping that they will move it to someplace less dusty….

2001 Indy 500 Parade

We brought six great artcars from around the US to Indianapolis to spice up their Indy 500 parade. A special highlight was being able to drive the cars on the Brickyard track on the Wednesday before the race. 2001 Essen Motor Show – Germany Ripper the Friendly Shark got the call to attend shows in Essen and Stutgart. He has been learning French ever since.

1995 Road Trip to NYC

Back in ’95 I drove Ripper and Max to NYC to hang out with Gene Pool and Kathleen Pearson. It turned out to be an art car ‘coming of age’ journey, one doesn’t live by post card sales alone. The Friend Patrol The Friend Patrol takes what was learned during the Bicycles to Bosnia Project and since then and rolls it down the road to a place near you. As we travel around, make friends and study collective friendship, we will also be apologizing to the world for the disasterous presidency of George Bush, and sharing what we have been doing about it, like burning him in effigy….

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