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Conspiracy For Tom and Everyone

Conspiracy For Tom and Everyone

Irony- being hit in the face with it every second today. I was out there (below the cliff house, thinking about Chris DeMonteray, asking the Camera Obscura guy if he’d ever heard of him…”no”), leaving a trail of blue robins Egg sized Jordan Almonds every 12 feet on the wall walking down from the Cliff House to the Beach, wondering “what will the neighbors think?-Blue mini-easter eggs? terrorist smurfs?”…sat on a bench, shuffling through my shit, listening to the Kinks, contemplating wretched love, death, homeless shit while watching pirate punks head off towards their cliff hideout where a couple surfers were surfing; LITTLE DID I KNOW. A little later, came a dirtbike motorcycle cop….and then an ambulance…the same time all these Seagulls landed off to the right of me…in the direction of the Cliffs…all @ the same time

Meanwhile, my favorite BLOG, sends this picture and a link today…

WTF??? Today, I’m taking a vow of silence…as long as I can, that is…

-seth maxwell malice