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WELCOME. . . .

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You wanna know what’s new? This website,, the much awaited

scrapbook of my projects and adventures. A special thanks to talented artist and friend

Joe Mangrum ( for his initial help, and a very extra special thanks

to Kevin Mathieu ( for stepping up to the plate and whaling this website

into existence….


The exercise of ‘hanging out the virtual shingle’ is by design an analysis of past work, at least,

that which one posesses documentation for. Who has influenced us, and who do we link with

in a very real effort to be a part of the virtual world? What is worth looking at and what is worth

sharing? Hopefully some kind of vibration becomes evident when considering all projects over

time. The juggling act continues.


I am slowly learning how to juggle a mix of the projects that find me and the projects that I

develop and pursue. Right now I feel blessed to be alive, living with and married to love

Haideen Anderson and some amazing housemates here in San Francisco; we sometimes

call ourselves the Famous Grouse Collective. It is both unlikely and at the same time

perfectly fitting that the Dinosaur Demolition Games would be invented here. The Friend Patrol

is about to be born. What kind of unlikely visionary projects are you working on? –

— Tom Kennedy 2-4-08