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Words Cannot Describe

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Words can’t even describe how much of possitive influence he has left on all of us.

I was one of those fortunate people to actually see him do his magic in american steel, and touched by his generousity and kindness when I took on a bus project of my own , of course inspired by what he had done and his being.

With his occasional advices , I managed to build a mini double deck bus for someone. With a deadline that could not wait ,the bus was given back to the owner incomplete…..but I am borrowing it on Tom’s memorial night…as I really wanted him to see what came together largely because of his giving and sharing .

Here is my idea…..As I mentioned , The bus I built had to go without completion….that left it just as an unusual vehicle but nothing more…
I think we can bring it up to another art form, and a reason for the world to smile , by using it as a canvas for live painting performance ( ideally by Haideen) …..

I am willing to help prep and prime the bus in advance to the ceremony.If we can all be a part of the cycle of creation ,that Tom seeded in us , I believe it will be the best message we can give back to him…

Just an Idea….

More than anything else ,  I just wanted to express my sorrow and share my tears with all of you for this great loss …