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Hellow Pat

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My dear friend’s mother Pat, I met you only once in 1994 when Tom and Shelley and I visited you after Burning Man.
I live in Bisbee and Tom came here many times, and even lived here.
I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Tom and Haideen in February and watching them finish their fish project and also paint the missile red!
I have many, many, photos of Tom, from many adventures.  But for now, I am gong to send you a very sweet one of Tom and Haideen that I took in February.
More to come, by next week.  Some I will be scanning into the computer as they are from before my digital days.
I had an amazing adventure with Tom in New York City, with our art cars, and he even stayed at my mother’s home a few days with me and she adored him so much.
I am so sorry for your loss and Haideen’s and all of us truly.
I loved Tom so much, I have cried more in the past few days, then I ever have in my entire life.
Such an incredible loss!
With much love,