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Tom story from Bisbee

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I met Tom in Bisbee and we worked to rehab the house I bought there in 2001. You get to know someone working on a project and we shared many stories and ideas.

I rode shotgun with Carl that day in the fourth of July parade. My duties included taking stills and video and operating the Twinkie (low fat) cannon. I remember the whole town coming out for the parade and everyone having fun, the kids running to gather the Twinkie’s as we drove and Tom was the star of the parade with Ripper.

Anyhow I found some pix and made a slide show. I also have some video and more stills but need to find the files.

We met lots of great people in Bisbee and I have not been able to get back since then, need to reconnect. I am on Facebook and other social sites, just discovering them in the last few months.

I recently reconnected with Tom via email and planned a visit to SF. I went on his website and saw that he did so well with his ideas and goals and created many great cars and pushed the issues.

I am still in shock but it helps to see these pix. It is so sad when people die young.

We partied with a band called Rube Waddell which was playing in town and had lots of fun – good memories. Just remember the good times.

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