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Tom K. photos

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Hello Mrs. Kennedy,
My wife Emily and I offer our condolences to you.  A small group of us (artcars) were out in the Southern Calif. desert all week.  We were all so shocked and saddened to hear about Tom’s accident.  We know this must be terrible for you to go through.  (We heard the news last Sun., but our phone and online access was very limited all week.)   Tom was a very inspiring, encouraging, and larger-than-life figure for most of us.
The first link (below) is a set of my own photos on Flickr of Tom (or his cars, or Haideen).  Please feel free to use any of them in any way you wish.
The second link (below) is a public photo pool on Flickr, to which I have added most of the pictures from my own set.  I am letting others know about this so they can add images too (must have a Flickr account to add pictures).
Our best wishes to you and the family, and to Haideen.

–Ken (& Emily) Duffy