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Here are some more pictures, from Burning Man 1995

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Hello Pat,

I scanned some photos from Burning Man 1995 and put them up on flickr:

Let me know if you want me to email them to you. There’s only one of Tom himself, the rest have his car/s in them or are about the film Harrod was making at the time.

I knew Tom from Houston. I got my sculpture degree in ’93 from UH when he was around. I remember the first time I saw Ripper, and heard Tom talking about it. He put me into a sort of trance with his dreams, and I remember thinking, “This guy is either a visionary who does shit, or he’s full of shit.” (Please excuse my French.) Turns out he was a visionary who made things happen–actual, real, wonderful things. I’m so happy I was able to share some time with him, here and there. Last time was in Bisbee and Douglas in 2007 in the company of another art car caravan.

I’m so sorry we lost Tom–a friend, cohort, mentor, magical being, a man–but the Tom you lost was your son. It’s not supposed to happen this way. Something is wrong with a universe that takes a son from his mother out-of-turn. I wish you many blessings and heaps of love to help you through.

Tom was at the center of many a great time, as these pictures show.

Love and strength,