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While at Tom’s memorial at the Box Shop, I promised Tom’s mom that I would send her this picture.  Please, please make sure that she gets it.
The art piece is called the Gun Coffin.  It is made of guns that have been smashed and and welded to this iron frame shaped as a coffin.  Many different people have smashed those guns and then others have welded them on.  On the day of this photo, Tom smashed a gun and added it to the work.
He and Haideen are in the photo and so is John Ricker – the creator of the coffin.  I’m the one lying underneath…
The photo came from an article in the SF Gate.  That article can be found at:
I’m certain that Tom was involved in lots of other good work and we only see the tip of the iceberg.  I’m happy to point out, here, another thing in which he was involved.  As I come across other things, I will send them your way, Ms. Kennedy.
All my best,