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Remembering Tom 1 Year Gone Apr 12, 2010 in SF

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Time: 3:00PM Monday, April 12, 2010
Location:Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

I’m not the only one who is still deeply affected by Tom Kennedy’s life and spirit. I think of him almost every day. His death is still so shocking to me, a year ago now. I plan to mark this anniversary of his departure from this plane by visiting the final place where he smiled and enjoyed life. I have nothing formal planned (Ceremony was the only thing close to the type of event this may be). I hope you’ll join me and tell others who were touched by Tom’s beautiful soul. Of course we all grieve in our own way and some may need to be alone for this time. I need to be with others who feel the same. There may be other events happening to commemorate Tom’s life. I’ll pass these along as I hear about them.

-Emily Duffy
ArtCar Fest Director